is an interdisciplinary project of visual artist Risk Hazekamp (NL) and spoken word artist and writer Tania Witte (DE) based around the question how identity is defined. The project is an ongoing research about the (im)possibility of rural queer lives.


The project started in 2012 under the title  nullachtfünfzehn  and was presented for the first time in Vienna (Austria) in 2013.


In 2014 we presented a new version of  nullachtfünfzehn  in The Hague (Netherlands).


2015 a new part of the project took place under the title probeer andere zoektermen in the Dutch city of Nijmegen. This time the project was associated with an Artist in Residency and involved an interdisciplinary exchange with the Institute for Gender Studies of the Radboud University, several workshops, lectures and a master class at the University, collaborations with citizens of Nijmegen and pop-up performances in the city and exhibitions at 8 different places all over the city.


We hope to continue with a new edition of the –ongoing, yet evolving and changing– project under the name try different keywords whereever and whenever we got the chance to.