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An artbook has been made

FIRST STAY May - July 2015

Next to our meetings and the fotosessions we gave spoken word and performance workshops at different locations, taught a masterclass and a guest college at the university, performed at the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies, had inspiring „Affinity Dinners“ with academics from the Radboud University, entered the city with pop-up spoken word performances and presented the temporary results of our work in a „tussenpresentatie“, an interim presentation.


SECOND STAY Oktober - November 2015


Spoken word pieces have been recorded and a phonenumber that one could call and listen to the poems had been installed .
The 11 visual works have been printed on banners of a lenght between 4 and 6,5 meters and hung on eight different locations all over the city.
In cooperations with TourToDo we created an app so people can make a tour along the locations and listen to the pieces at their smartphones.
We used the the fascinating Risoh-technique in cooperation with Extrapool to publish a limited art book as another addition to the project.
Besides that …
Another performance at the University, three further performances and an overview-exhibit in the Besiendershuis during the opening of the exhibition at Novemer 1st.