#3 Nijmegen 2015

In May and June 2015 the Besiendershuis, a cultural center based in a stunning medieval building in the center of the Dutch city of Nijmegen, invited us to be their artists in residence.

During our stay we followed an „analogue network“ and met alot of amazing people, had dozens of inspiring conversations and did alot of research.

It took some time to reflect on the research we did, to develop and print the analogue films and to write the poems. Therefor the Besiendershuis reinvited us for another stay in October 2015 to prepare a show of the results of our work.

From November till Dezember eight photographic and poetic potraits of the exposition Probeer Andere Zoektermen have been presented at six different locations in Nijmegen.

Klick here for pictures of this project.

The Besiendershuis also documented the project at their website.